If you have a patio in your home or a deck to bring more ventilation and perhaps have a good time for your family outside your home, then I’m sure that when the sun’s out, you’ll also experience a lot of heat. According to professionals who have had awnings installed, owners of decks and patios often have a problem with how hot the outside area is specially in the summer. Building an outdoor spot to make a space for your family to have fun can be a big investment and if that’s the case, it should be used as you can, however with problems regarding the space being hot, you can make your investment worth it by installing an awning on your patio or on your deck. 

I know that patios and decks are made for the purpose of enjoying the outdoors and seeing the view in an open area and installing an awning can counter that purpose. However, if your area outside is so hot that you and your family can’t even stand in it too long, then it will also counter the purpose. 

There are two most common style of awnings. One is retractable and the other is fixed. Awnings can also be very flexible so you don’t need to worry about how it will ruin the look or feel of your deck or patio. If you opt for a fixed awning, you should expect it to be attached on one side of your home while the other side of the awning is supported permanently or semi-permanently by a framework made of metal. On the other hand, if you want to enjoy an open area with the view of the sky on days where it is not so hot, you can definitely install an awning that is retractable. A retractable awning is attached to the wall of your home and can be easily retracted in a manual or electronic way.  

Retractable awnings are very convenient and simple when it comes to usage however there are some limitations involved as well. If your fixed awning is supported by the wall of your home and a metal framework on the other side, your retractable awning is only supported on one side thus it is not sturdy enough to withstand heavy rains and winds.  

If we are talking about rain that is not so strong, then surely your retractable awning will serve its purpose however you need to keep it whenever the rains and winds are getting stronger.  

If ever you want to ditch these worries and want your awning to be left unattended even with rains that are strong and winds that are heavy, then you should go and have a fixed awning installed. Fixed awnings are sturdier when it comes to weather changes.  

Whether you want a retractable awning or one that is fixed, planoawnings.com will have it installed for you. If you are in a location that rains often or in a location that experiences lesser rain, keep the weather in mind to make sure you get the right awning installed!