Awnings that are retractable have been known for its great use to protect a home from keeping too much sunlight away from your carpet, flooring or your favorite furniture to keep their color from feeding or from aging them prematurely. Besides the shading an awning provides to your furniture, flooring and carpet, it also shades you and your family members if you want to stay outdoors but still be in a comfortable part of your home. Retractable awnings are very convenient as well! Through a button tap, you can easily keep it as you please. 

Retractable awnings are fixed to your house walls unlike permanent or fixed coverings. Sometimes retractable awnings are mounted to the roof as well and can be extended in your deck area or patio area. Since retractable awnings are conveniently handled through a tap of a button, you can definitely say, you can control your outdoor weather.  

In order make use of your awnings‘ durability, make sure that it is retracted through the following instances. 

  1. If you are staying away from your home for a long duration, then please do retract your awning.  
  2. Some winds can be too strong for a retractable awning and ensuring that it is retracted when winds are stronger keeps it safeguarded.  
  3. Too much rain can provide a pool of water in your awning thus make sure to retract your awning in times of heavy rains.  

Is it snowing? If the awning in your home is retracted, then snow is definitely okay.  

So, what are the dos and don’ts when you own an awning or have an awning installed in your home? 

Here’s what you should take note to do. 

  1. Keep your awning clean. This is an important part of maintaining your awning to make sure that there is no damage from possible mildew buildup.  
  2. If you are fond of plants and vines, make sure that you keep them from growing too near the fabric of your awning. Some plants can be damaging to your awning due to some acid they give off. Moreover, trim your plants and vines. This does not only protect your awning; it also keeps your home pretty good looking. 
  3. Lubricate! Since you own a retractable awning, you will need to lubricate your awning to make sure that it can still be easily retracted when needed.  

The don’ts are as important as the dos, so here they are. 

  1. Retract your awning in times of heavy rains, storms, winds and snow.  
  2. Pesticide can be harmful to the fabric, so make sure that when you want to protect your vines, you protect your awning fabric as well.  

Keep your awning away from water pooling. Your awning is made of fabric and it can bring great damage if water starts to pool in it.  

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